EdTech Salzburg - Augmented Learning Lab

Educational Technologies (EdTech) can teach digital competences to students at an early stage in their education in order to stimulate further education in the STEM areas. The goal of this project is to research feasible EdTech approaches consisting of digitally enhanced teaching material in order to support STEM classes. The projects puts a strong focus on mature technologies emerging for classroom use such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. Furthermore, the project creates structures and competences for the advancement of the new initiative EdTech Hub Salzburg.

Project website: https://edtechall.at/

Additional Information

Funded by a WISS2025 Grant of the Federal State Government Salzburg


Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig
Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
Salzburg Begreifen
Federal State Government Salzburg
Innovation Service of Salzburg