HyLTE - Hybrid Learning Environments in Tourism Education

Project Description

The goal of HyLTE is to explore the potential of new technologies in the domain of tourism education with the aim to create optimal conditions for the training of students and teachers. Current digital solutions in online education in this domain do not take practical education (e.g., cooking lessons) into account or do not yet exist. Unique features and technology should support the users to work in subject-related practical training environments. The focus is on connecting the physical and digital worlds by creating novel digital interactions for sufficient learning and future hybrid learning approaches. 

Project goals: 

  • Examine challenges within Participatory- & Co-Design 
  • Develop innovative interaction approaches 
  • Create prototypes to support hybrid teaching in the pracitcal courses 
  • Evaluation of sufficiency of the concepts 

The new construction of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel management (Tourismusschulen Salzburg) enables the realization of these concepts in a holistic way, as well as enables their integration into the building 

Project Partners


Contributing Staff

Jakub Sypniewski

Bernhard Maurer

Sonja Lang